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........Most DN 'PPS' are UP. Most regular Channels are Up, Hispanic Channels are Up, Some HD are Up, Some PPV are Up ...Internationals are Up ....... BEV UP on most PPS with some Freezing ...... Welcome to ......... Attention all Members......... We are now running 4 Raffles....#19 for a Jynxbox Ultra HD, VIP Raffle #1 for a SV 360 Premier......#15 for a Limesat Ultra Pro, and Raffle #14 for a Sonicview 8000HD Receiver....... Tickets are still available so get them while they last........... Site News: ..Regarding the current Receivers that are IKS Compatible, some may be up and some may be down..... Best way to know is to check for yourselves, if any one needs help please post your questions in the Appropriate sections ......... All Files and How to Guides can be found in the appropriate sections.............. Only Receivers using IKS systems are able to view Most but not all DN & BEV Channels..................... If you want to keep your computer away from viruses and browse the web faster, then use either SeaMonkey or Mozilla Firefox.

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Welcome to the - FTA - IPTV - Streaming - for Newbies & Testers.
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Visiting Admin/Mods
This Sections is Private and available only to Select User Groups
Please drop in and introduce yourself
Please read before Posting or Uploading.
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For High Speed and Dial Up. If you are using Dial up for your Internet Connections please report here. Learn how to improve your Internet Connections and Performance. Also how this Seamonkey Browser can increase your Surfing speed experience. All Favorites saved in their own folder and other Bookmarks can be imported with ease and accuracy.
Private 5 22
Drop in to introduce to yourself or to just say hello. Please, DON'T ASK FOR HELP HERE!
Private 582 4,274
Welcome to all Visiting Moderators. Please drop in and introduce yourselves.
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Welcome to all Visiting Administrators. Please drop in and introduce yourselves.
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Anyone interested in applying for a Position of Site-Assistant for CrazyFTA, please apply with in.
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Private 2 3
Please use this forum to post any Comments, Feedback & Suggestions you may wish to share. - This is a Public Forum
Private 35 171
If you find any errors and/or broken links, please report them here.
Private 11 53
Please use this forum to report any spam and/or member abuse.
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Private 7 22
If you are having problems logging on to the site or staying logged in, please post problem in here. Guests may post here but posts will not be seen till a Staff memeber Approves it.
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Please post your requests here if there is no Request Sub-Section, in the Specific Area of Interest.
Private 9 42
Here you'll have the privilege to see the day-to day basis of your FTA receiver. If it's up or down today or later on..etc
by Tech07
2012-06-23 12:55 AM Go to last post
138 463
Never 1,862 2,246
Scam Alert (5/11) 
Private 12 58
Private 56 112
The latest Rants and Rumors from the satellite testing community. Some may even be pure BS.
Private 169 923
Private 6 25
News, Events and discussions
Private 6 46
Contests to win VIP Access.
Private 37 451
Raffles for Receivers now. other Hardware soon.
Private 22 865
Private 4 26
Private 42 946
Private 33 265
Private 62 365
A place to wish our members a Happy Bithday
Private 262 1,711
This is where Donating Members are thanked for their Generous Donations.
Private 23 99
Private 2 9
Channel Lists can be found here
BEV, DN, GC, True FTA, OTA and others
Private 247 1,241
Information on BEV, DN and Global Channels
Private 1,454 3,737
Talk about anything relating to DN here. Please use this forum to post any news on DN. You can report any ECMs, alerts, and/or updates here. Do not ask questions inside this forum. This a forum for DN news only.
Private 98 238
Any information not confirm is to be posted in the Rumours Section
Private 145 567
Talk about anything relating to BEV -B3V here. Please use this forum to post any news on BEV. You can report any ECMs, alerts, and/or updates here. Do not ask questions inside this forum. This a forum for BEV news only.
Private 21 102
Any info and Discussions on Nag-3 can be found here.
Private 21 64
Talk about anything relating to Other provider World TV here. Please use this forum to post any news on Other provider such as Globecast. You can report any ECMs, alerts, and/or updates here. Do not ask questions inside this forum. This a forum for Other provider disscussions news only.
Private 24 62
by Tech07
2012-09-06 10:36 PM Go to last post
24 60
This is where the System status for the various IKS System Camps can be found. If may also be found in the Discussions Section of the appropriate receivers
2015-03-18 06:51 PM Go to last post
341 4,260
All Nagra 2 and other keys can be found here. N3 to be posted as well when Applicable
Never 120 128
Never 10 25
FTA General Info - Newbie File Packs and more
This Forum has Newbie File Packs info for most FTA Receivers. Please do not ask any questions in this Forum. Go to the Sections for the receivers you are interested in for
Files required to Load or install bins or to allow use of the various Loader. USB Adapter files, etc. Can be found here
Never 69 70
Private 5 19
Receivers -IKS System FTA Receivers - Discussions, Guides & Files
Discussions, Guides and Files for all IKS Capable Receivers can be found here.
Regarding any and all Receiver Brands in this Section
Private 35 223
Presently only Receivers supported by the Japan group on Public Service (with Japan Group Bins) are Captiveworks 700/800 with dongles, Limesats, Sonicview with WizHubs
Private 13 73
Never 78 83
Never 520 989
Never 540 1,734
Never 107 161
Never 21 85
Never 30 90
Never 318 1,215
Never 156 896
Never 150 197
Never 636 4,004
Never 30 31
Never 83 101
Never 47 50
Never 377 1,047
Never 29 47
Coolsat 5000 and 6000, IKS System
Never 33 51
Never 88 209
Never 1,541 8,233
Never 400 1,654
Never 29 113
Never 683 1,912
Never 59 147
FTA Receiver Guides & Testing FAQs
Information on installation, dishes, switches, etc.
ABC's of FTA (20/30)
SlingBoxs (1/1) 
Private 98 223
General IKS info
Never 5 9
FTA Talk - Receiver Discussions - This section is discussion only. Files can be found above
Any none Specific Receiver Model Questions may be posted here
Private 64 297
This Section is for discussions on your IKS receiver or a General Nature or if a particular Receivers Section does not have the IKS/AKS Section for it yet.
Never 36 160
FTA Receiver Area - Non-IKs and Standalone
Discussions, Files and Guides for All FTA Receivers can be found here.
Never 649 670
Never 1,246 1,672
Never 30 42
Never 63 67
FTA Talk on Installation and Satellite Hardware
Guides, Pictures, Help and discussion relating to dish installation, switches, motors, etc.
Coax, Data Transfer, straight & Null, etc
Private 9 26
Discussions, Guides and Picture
Never 106 764
Never 65 377
Never 28 66
Never 10 14
Private 18 44
Discussions regarding how to set up a Dish to point at various Providers
Private 9 71
If you have a Sub receveiver and you want to add an FTA Receiver so they work togethere. Information and drawings can be found here.
Private 1 1
Private 1 1
Never 11 25
Over the Air Section HD and Non-HD
Never 26 55
Never 72 241
Never 0 0
Section under construction
Private 60 132
Never 0 0
Private 19 20
Streaming Players
Under Construction
Never 35 91
Any thing associated with Computers can go here.
Get help or just talk about the latest in computers and technology.
Private 319 1,009
Private 71 190
Audio/Video (8/27) 
Private 99 162
Software, Internet Security and Program Glitches and Security Threats
Never 214 303
Never 8 17
Tech Corner
Audio, Cell Phones, TVs, Etc
Never 216 302
Private 5 54
General CrazyFTA Warez Downloads
E-Books And Informational PDF's Can Be Shared Here.
Private 10,339 10,390
All Game Downloads can be found here
Never 4,245 4,341
Share Applications And Software For Your Windows PC.
Private 6,119 6,483
Private 66 68
Off Topic Forum
Anything Off Topic goes here. A place to discussion anything that comes to mind, B.S., etc.
Private 2,114 3,122
Never 175 356
Private 124 148
Never 284 339
Noory captivates program listeners with his discussions of paranormal phenomena, time travel, alien abductions, conspiracies and all things curious and unexplained.
Never 39 102
Games to help us use our minds, and keep them in top shape.
Games (32/29481)
Quizzes & Riddles (46/214)
Trivia (15/73)
Request for Games Sections (2/3) 
Private 101 29,793
World News, ......., Security info
Never 7,732 10,349
Never 0 0
Private 39 82
Appliances, Radios, TVs, etc
Never 156 704
Private 16 57
Never 1,884 2,421
Never 136 590
Home Remedies (2/2) 
Private 39 56
Private 122 293
Talk about banks, mortgages, loans, etc.
Private 463 745
A place to share jokes and humorous moments. Let's try to keep them clean though...Please.
You Tube Links (49/74) 
2016-01-15 12:26 PM Go to last post
1,032 1,428
Articles that may require each of us to pass or to consider acting up ...ourselves
Private 7 49
Some will wow you
Private 194 410
Private 7 32
Caring for our pets, Pictures and Discussions
Never 27 41
Family or loved ones, Home, Cabin,,,etc
Never 39 255
Let's see what pictures you have to share. Great works of Art, Candid Momements, Funny as Heck Photos...anything goes as long as it is in good taste. Please remember that this is a Family Site.
Private 452 1,439
Love poems, poems about life, friendship poems, funny poems, types of poems, famous poems, short poems, sad poems
Private 10 13
Private 354 394
Private 82 155
Never 4 18
Please use this thread to offer Condolences for the Passing away of a Member's Loved ones, or to offer best wishes and prayers for those that are ill or that may be Suffering.
Never 30 355
Book Early and Enjoy your Vacation Don't forget to Write now, you hear?
Private 249 370
Never 152 508
Private 11 49
Private 8 29
Sports Section - Crazyfta
For all your Sporting News, Highlights and Rumors
2016-11-20 11:59 AM Go to last post
3,229 5,386
Private 2 5
Under Construction
by so4real
2015-09-23 09:33 AM Go to last post
18 89
10 17
by pnoyboy
2012-10-22 01:23 PM Go to last post
73 334
Brazil, Mainland and Islands of Portugal and any other Country that uses Portuguese
2012-05-01 04:15 PM Go to last post
8 133
by JD717
2010-03-19 11:38 AM Go to last post
3 8
Spanish Section - Seccion en Espanol
En esta Seccion se pueden discutir problemas y asuntos relacionados a fta y otras cousas. Por favor de usar un lenguaje apropiado. Gracias Azul
Private 16 52
Private 16 24
Private 8 20
Sonysat Guias (16/16) 
Private 75 77
Private 15 28
Los interruptores & las Discusiones de Hardware Switches & Hardware Discussions
Private 2 2
Private 22 25
Private 101 101
Basketbol (33/39)
Beisbol (75/75)
Futbol (92/93)
Otros Deportes (42/42) 
Never 242 249
Recetas (8/8) 
Never 8 8
Private 2 8
French Section
Please be patient as we build these Sections. They will be translated into French for our French Speaking Members.
Private 15 42
Private 5 37
Files for FTA Receivers
Private 17 17
FTA Guides and How To´s
Private 20 32
Note: Si vous êtes capable de parler et de comprendre l'anglais, c'est préférable de poster vos questions dans la section anglaise pour que tout le monde puisse lire, répondre et/ou apprendre avec vous!! Merci.
Never 11 55
FTA Discussions
Never 0 0
Discussions on Hardware: Dishes, Switches
Private 3 10
Blagues (280/304)
Énigmes (1/1)
Jeux (8/11204) 
Never 289 11,509
General Discussions
Never 427 770
Requests for Sections
Private 11 39

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